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4 Ways Cleanliness Impacts On Productivity In The Office

When it comes to having a clean work environment, there are a number of things which you must keep in mind. The building which you work in says a lot about how your company wants to be represented and the journey that it has been on.

Make sure that you are keeping on top of the cleaning and maintenance side of your office with a service like an office cleaning Glasgow company simple cleaning solutions. You can hire a cleaning company to comes to your office as little or as many times as you like.

Professionals will help you maintain the modern, clean and contemporary office space that you have always dreamed off. The cleaner your office is, the longer your company’s impression will last potential clients and staff.

Let the people that enter your office remember you for all of the right reasons. By not maintaining your office space, the opinion of others could be extremely damaging to your business.

Healthier Employees

Living in Britain’s means year long colds due to the damp climate that we live in, in winter things get particularly bad and this is the point where cleaning is most vital. If you are seeing your employee’s phoning in sick in masses then you may want to clean up your office space.

It is a fact that cleaner workplaces have less sick days taken by employees and greater productivity. According to the statistics ‘1 person carrying a virus will infect 50% of employees in four hours’.

4 Ways Cleanliness Impacts On Productivity In The Office

Health & Safety

Cleaning your office’s carpets and desks may be a way to stop the spread of illness and infection, however you can save money by also cleaning the equipment in your office efficiently. You will find that dirty equipment is more likely to short-circuit or become over-heated.

Dirty equipment is an extremely serious issue and could pose a fire risk to the staff that are working in that building. Health and safety is one of the main factors why you should hire a professional commercial cleaning Glasgow service regularly.

Staff Morale

Of course, staff are happier if they are working in a light, bright and clean office space! The cleaner your office space is the more moral your employees will gain from it. Employees will become frustrated with their employer if their office is left to rot.  Dust and grime build up easily in the work place, which makes it unpleasant to work in if it is left like this.

It is worth employers while to make sure that their offices are clean as unclean workplaces have a higher employee turnover than others which are kept clean.

4 Ways Cleanliness Impacts On Productivity In The Office


Does cleanliness link to concentration, it appears so. Jeffery Campbell, Ph.D. is the chair of a facilities management program at Brigham Young University. Jefferey has conducted a study which proves that the two certainly have a relationship.

Out of 1,481 higher education students that were surveyed,  88% of respondents reported that productivity, concentration, and learning is negatively affected if it is done in a “dingy” environment. To get the best out of your employees make sure they are working in bright, spacious places.

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